Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chocolate Cake

Ini resep hasil percobaan beberapa kali dari beberapa resep coklat cake antara lain double chocolate cake-nya Nining dan tccc yang heboh itu.
Awalnya karena sering dapat permintaan bikin coklat cake buat kue ultah tapi aku nggak punya resep yang mantap. Pernah coba bikin yang dicampur yogurt dan cream cheese tapi buat lidahku yang peka rasa asam kok nggak cocok, meskipun kata orang lain yang makan enak. Dari beberapa kali percobaan aku pikir resep ini yang paling oke menurutku.
Resep ganache aku pakai resepnya Nining. Thank you again Ning....

Kue coklat buatanku kali ini khusus dibuat untuk Sekar dan Shania. Aku bikin 1/2 resep saja jadi 2 lapis cake bulat diameter 18 cm. Tuh mereka sudah menunggu........

Chocolate Cake

10 buah kuning telur
8 buah putih telur
200 gram gula pasir halus
1/2 sdm emulsifier
150 gram tepung terigu serbaguna
50 gram coklat bubuk
130 gram butter, lelehkan
75 gr dark/semisweet cooking chocolate, lelehkan bersama butter
1 sdm vanila cair atau rhum kalo suka.

Chocolate Ganache :
300 ml whip cream
450 gram dark cooking chocolate

Lelehkan butter, masukkan dark cooking chocolate, aduk sampai coklat leleh, dinginkan dan sisihkan.
Kocok telur bersama gula dan emulsifier sampai kental.
Masukkan campuran terigu dan coklat bubuk yang sudah diayak, sedikit-sedikit, aduk rata dengan spatula.
Masukkan campuran butter dan coklat leleh, aduk rata.
Tuang dalam 3 buah loyang diameter 24cm yang sudah dioles butter dan dilapis kertas.
Panggang dengan suhu 300F selama 25-30 menit sampai matang.
Angkat dan dinginkan.
Oles satu lapis kue dengan ganache, tutup dengan kue kedua, olesi dengan ganache, tutup kue ketiga, olesi ganache dan ratakan.
Hias sesuai selera. Aku pakai topping buah.

Chocolate Ganache :
Rebus whip cream dengan api kecil sampai mendidih.
Matikan api, masukkan dark cooking chocolate yang sudah dicincang halus, aduk rata sampai meleleh dan rata.
Dinginkan, biarkan didalam kulkas minimal 3 jam.
Kocok dengan mixer kecepatan tinggi sampai mengembang.
Siap digunakan.

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Trip to The Animal Shelter

I was so happy when I discovered that Sekar loves animals. She has a dream that she will become an animal caretaker one day. But her dream always differs every day. Today she wants to become a penguin's caretaker while the other day she wanted to become a dog's caretaker. It is so funny but I am really proud of her.

Since she met Clifford, she love dogs more than other animals, and she asked me to have a dog. I can't allow it because we won't live here in the USA for a long time. One day we will have to go back to Indonesia. But Sekar never gives up. She talks about dogs everyday and even started acting like a dog. She crawls, barks, and whines like a dog at home and at her school too. It makes me sad, because I can't allow it. I asked Kim to take us to the animal shelter in Aspen after she returned from Peru. We had to wait for two weeks. Two weeks for Sekar is a long time to wait. She asked me " Today is already 2 weeks, Mama?" "Is Miss Kim coming today?" Oh my little girl.............

The day to visit animal shelter came. Sekar and I went to the Intercapt lot to meet Kim and then we went to the animal shelter in the ABC building area, across from the Aspen Airport. Sekar couldn't wait to see dogs even though we saw some cute cats and birds. Finally they lent us a dog to walk with. She is an eight year old dog with yellow fur. Her name is Puma. Sekar really loved walking with Puma and Clifford. We walked around the shelter and saw some dogs who were training. They called it dog's school. Wow... that was a good experience for Sekar, and that was so fun for Sekar. I was so happy while I was watching Sekar enjoying herself. Kim gave Sekar a shirt and a book from the animal shelter. The book is a true story. It is about Fraser a rescue dog, the tiltle is "Fraser The Yellow Dog; Rescue on Snowmass Mountain."

After we visited the animal shelter, we had lunch in the Woody Creek Tavern; an unique restaurant in Woody Creek. Sekar loved her dino chiken nugget and fries. Kim and I ate vegetarian meals. It was delicious. Also Kim gave me and Sekar gifts from her vacation to Peru. She showed us her pictures from when she visited Peru. It was great trip and we saw beautiful pictures of Peru.

Sekar really loves her book. Last week she brought it to her school for show and tell. That day was our treat day from you Kim. Thank you very much.